Our multidisciplinary teams of expert will cover all your request of numerical simulations.

From the thermal analysis to the structural optimization, from the parametric modelling to the pedestrian wind comfort, we can support you on all the phases of the project.

With a multiphysics approach, we can simulate the effects of the wind speed on the structure, verify the building with thermal analysis,  optimize the envelope with solar, shadow and glare analysis and provide structural and geometrical optimization.

Our in-house team of software developer can realize custom script and develop custom software.

Related services:

  • CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) analysis
  • Wind pressure
  • Pedestrian comfort
  • Thermal analysis
  • Solar and daylight analysis
  • Radiation analysis
  • Daylight factor
  • Glare analysis
  • Natural ventilation
  • Double skin facade
  • Structural optimization
  • Geometrical optimization
  • Automatic and parametric design
  • Data analysis
  • Custom script and software development
  • Unity custom software development

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