Milan EXPO 2015 | Dubai EXPO 2020

… from Cardo&Decumano to Al Wasl Plaza

From one Universal Exposition to another, from Europe to the Middle East, in under five years. Maffeis went from engineering the 1.5 km-long Walkway of the the Decumanus, crossing the entire EXPO 2015 site, to erecting the central heart of the EXPO 2020 one.

The Al Wasl Plaza Dome has been crowned  just last week: for one day-and-a-half, 550 tonnes of molded steel have been lifted into position through 18 strand-jacks, with an error margin of only 3 mm.

A series of tension cables were installed to retain the geometry of the trellis structure as it was lifted and finally connected to a central temporary compression ring: the crown was then attached using 53 temporary connection brackets. Now finally positioned, the final piece of Al Wasl dome will be welded to the rest of the trellis, a process that will take approximately 25 days to complete.

During EXPO Dubai 2020, the Al Wasl Dome will be the largest 360-degree projection surface in the world, standing at 67.5 meters with a volume of  724,000 m3.

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Maffeis Engineering

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