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A new approach to megastructures

19-21.09.2018 | 40th IABSE Symposium

A new approach to megastructures

The host for the 40th IABSE Symposium with the theme of "Tomorrow's Megastructures" has been Nantes, in France.

Fabio Ceccato and Andrea Biasi presented Maffeis' personal approach to megastructures: the One Single Model.
Our goal is to study how complex structures can be realized with the help of a parametric approach. Since the structure can change (in the geometry, design loads, structural sections, materials), we are now able to find the rules which link the structure's design to the possibility of variation of its parameters

This was not possible in the past since the current tools for automation and calculation weren't available and simpler forms were therefore preferred. With this new approach, the architect is free to wander in structural security while being able to change the project in real time, while we evaluate the feasibility and possibilities for the structure's optimization.

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