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Work in progress at Testturm Rottweil

09.10.2017 | Check out the new state of the membrane

Work in progress at Testturm Rottweil

The installation of 16000 m² PTFE fabric covering the concrete tower in Rottweil, southern Germany, has started, and so far more than 50% of the cladding has been installed!

The installation platform runs along a special rack railway system fixed to the concrete that runs along the tower from bottom to top for approx 200 m: once a row of panels (6 in total per row) is installed, the track system is dismantled, and this way it goes on.

Maffeis has designed the main steel structure, the secondary steel structure, cables, the steel upstands and the membrane cladding and installation method in collaboration with Taiyo Europe.

Check out here the latest state of the tower

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