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New Lavizan Bird Garden

02.10.2017 | A one of a kind cable net structure

New Lavizan Bird Garden

This very special cable net structure spans 150 m in width and 400 m in length covering 62,000 sqm: it will serve as an aviary for water bird species, located in Tehran, Iran. The design of the aviary is considered to allow the visitors a close and unobstructed view of the wildlife while creating a natural habitat for the birds. The project is located in a valley with elevation differences: to maintain a level net height, 12 main masts with varying heights ranging from 32 m to 49 m have been used.

The perimeter of the cable net is supported by 68 columns, which include two different types of column composition: the ones on the main axes, where the main masts are located, are composed of 4 struts and are called the X type columns. The rest of them are called Y type and are composed of two struts facing inward and a tension cable at the back of the column.

As already mentioned, the aviary is covered by a cable net structure, which is composed of cables with varying diameter ranging from 59 to 79 mm for valley cables, and 88 to 110 mm for peak cables.

One of the main design goals for this structure was to have the least possible impact on the environment, which has been achieved through a more complicated structure but a more efficient way of loads distribution.

Maffeis Engineering team was involved in this project alongside the Architect, starting from conceptual design to the realization, CFD simulation, node reactions calculations, complete design & analysis of special steel structure, cables, and the connections.

This project was awarded the best steel structure in the field of special structures on the 7th International Conference on Steel Structure, 2016, in Tehran, Iran.

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